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[Past Event] 10/21/14 ~ Mysteries of Ancient Greece: Birth - Death - Rebirth


Discover your power of transformation: Allowing that which no longer serves you to be reborn!

Mysteries of Ancient Greece
Womb of Creation: Birth - Death - Rebirth

Tuesday, Oct. 21 at 6pm EST
4140 Broadway, NYC 10033
Free, but donations suggested
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Ritual is a way to interact with the God forces and mediate their energy into daily human life. A ritual is a sacred enactment of some vital aspect of spirituality, the relationship between human and divine. 
At centers such as Eleusis, ancient greeks ritually enacted their spiritual stories for the purpose of transformation, of partaking in the sacred relationship to the divine that imbued their humanity with more meaning, purpose, focus, animation, and life. That's what we will do together in the form of a meditation after exploring some of the content and context of the Eleusinian Mysteries. These mysteries spawn from the story of Demeter and Persephone and the transformational power of the underworld, which is a realm of rich mystery not to be feared, but explored. 
Birth, death, and rebirth cyclic within this same lifetime. It’s always going on, question is: how conscious are we of it? And how do we employ this cycle to our highest benefit?

[Past Event] 10/20/14 ~ Xavier Eikerenkoetter Featured on "Open"

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Xavier Eikerenkoetter will be featured on "Open" (Bronxnet Cable Access TV), a community affairs program hosted by Dr. Bob Lee of WBLS (107.5 FM) this Monday, October 20 at 10:00am EST. The program will show on Cablevision Channel 67, FiOS Channel 33 and online at

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  • Monday- 10am (LIVE), 5pm, 10pm EST
  • Tuesday- 2am, 5pm, 10pm EST
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** All BronxNet shows are uploaded to their website, so you can watch their programming anytime on the web


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Tim McAfee-Lewis and members of the UPHI Inspirational Choir
performing on Music Mondays on Bronx Media


Interested in joining the UPHI Inspirational Choir? Rehearsals are every Wednesday at 7:00pm and Thursday at 5:30pm at UPHI. Contact Tim McAfee-Lewis at 212-568-6700 ext. 36 for more information.




[Past Event] 10-14-14 ~ Mysteries of Ancient Greece Series

Explore your life's hidden messages through the mysteries of ancient Greece 


Greetings from the land of the pantheon of ancient Greek gods and goddesses! My wife Annette and I recently returned from an epic pilgrimage in Greece. It was a pilgrimage because much of the focus was upon connecting with spiritual energies at sacred sites in order to bring the graces and forces of Universal God/Goddess more alive within ourselves. For ourselves and our fellow travelers, this was a journey into the depths of our souls and heights of our spirits and a recollecting, reconnecting, and remembering parts of ourselves that are expressed in that ancient culture.

My joyous task now is to unpack and share the power of this experience with my community, hence my ongoing Sunday messages on Epic Greece: Embodying Beauty and Divinity and now for Tuesday Circles UPHI, Mysteries of Ancient Greece: Unraveling the Hidden Messages Inside Your Life. Together we will explore the parallel truths of an ancient civilization and our modern day lives. Journey with me beginning Tuesday, October 14th @UPHI at 6:00pm EST as we explore your life's hidden messages through the mysteries of Ancient Greece.

I hope to see you all there!

Xavier Eikerenkoetter
Spiritual Director, UPHI