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The Loew's Wonder Theatres Featured in NYC Media's Blueprint

The Loew's Wonder Theatres were featured in a segment of Blueprint by NYC Media! For those who love history and architecture, watch the video below to learn more about our very own Wonder Theatre, the United Palace. They even highlighted the Rev. Ike ministry, the United Palace of Cultural Arts, as well as the United Palace President, Xavier Eikerenkoetter. Watch here or below.


Gilberto Santa Rosa & J' Martin celebrate Dominican Republic Independence Day

Gilberto Santa Rosa and J' Martin rocked the house this past weekend as they hosted a concert to celebrate the independence of Dominican Republic! It was a lively concert filled with lots of salsa, good vibes, smiles and of course, great music! If you are looking for a venue for your next big performance, contact us at 212-568-6700 x218.


A Look Inside the Wonder Theatres by The New York Times

The United Palace Theatre is one of the five lavishly designed Loew's Wonder Theatres, extravagant theatres erected in 1929-1930 and built to provide vaudeville shows and serve as a deluxe movie house. With the Kings theatre (a Wonder Theatre in Brooklyn) under restoration and set to open in February 2015, The New York Times wrote a great story showcasing each venue. Brush up on your history of these incredible theatres and take a 360 look inside each one here. As one of Manhattan's largest theatres, see how the United Palace Theatre puts the word "wonder" in Loew's Wonder Theatres.  

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Photo credit: NYTimes