Miel San Marcos Performs at the United Palace

Last month in March, the United Palace Theatre had the pleasure of adding Miel San Marcos to our incredible list of performers who have graced our stage. 

According to their website, Miel San Marcos is a Christian group with multiple hits, such as "Arise Lord," "Feats", "Invincible", "Thankful", "I Believe" "You are God", "The Joy of the Lord," "Your Presence", "Lord of Armies", "Great and Strong" and "Longing Over You," among many others.

In 2012 the Guatemalan band made history with their record entitled "Feats" which brought thousands to the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. This production included the special participation of renowned artists of worship such as: Coalo Zamorano, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Fernel Monroy, Tony Perez, and Ovid Barrios.

Concierto Miel San Marcos 284

Concierto Miel San Marcos 222

Concierto Miel San Marcos 272

Concierto Miel San Marcos 279

Concierto Miel San Marcos 083

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